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What is Route Shipping Insurance & Do I need it?


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You always have a choice whether to select Route or not as an optional item at checkout. We see 20-40% of our customers selecting Route, proving that people are looking for a better shipping protection solution. "Senerio" Even if our store offers to replace items in some instances, its our customers that is requesting this insurance be added. 

Route insurance also covers door step delivered items, how often have you come home to find your parcel just dumped on your door step when you paid for signed for delivery - this is not covered by couriers unless extravagant amounts of insurance are paid "then you have to fight for your claim'' With Route Insurance it's a simple no quibble one click claim.


Over the past 4 years, Route has become the Internet’s premier shipping insurance app with over 350,000 customers. During this time we have gathered an overwhelming amount of data around this question, here are some of our other favorite stats:
Justs a few stats:


  • 41% of customers have stated they’ve avoided purchasing online to prevent package theft.
  • 53% of customers say they would pay more for an item if the company offered theft protection.
  • 61% of customers feel that online retailers are not doing enough to prevent package theft. NOW WE HAVE

Please bare in mind, if your package is stolen then Shop Personalised Gifts are not responsible for this, you may have a lengthy battle with the courier for compensation.

Not only is Route a licensed insurance company, They knew they had to get the biggest name in shipping insurance as a partner to roll out a marquee product and secured Lloyds of London as our insurance partner.

The cost:

The optional cost to you is only around 1% of the cart value to fully protect you from lost, damaged, and stolen items.small price pay to protect your goods

We hope we have gone some way to show Route Shipping Insurance is worth adding to your shopping cart

How to use:

You will see the on / off position button just above your checkout button. Please turn to the OFF position if you do not wish to purchase additional insurance & turn to the ON position if you wish to purchase additional peace of mind insurance

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